Customize the Dodge Durango with Feature Packages

When you’re driving around, you’ve likely seen a number of Dodge Durango models on the road. This is because it’s a popular mid-size SUV. With different feature packages, you can set your SUV apart from the others that are out there.

The Blacktop package can be found on a few of the higher trim levels. You’ll enjoy glossy black 20-inch wheels, black upper and lower grilles, dual chrome exhaust tips, as well as black on the headlamp innards, badging and side view mirrors. The blacked out look is highly desirable and can provide just the aesthetic you were hoping to achieve.

You shouldn’t rule out the Brass Monkey package, either. The first thing you’ll notice with this package is the burnished bronze-colored aluminum wheels. There are a few glossy black features, too, which help to contrast with the fascias and sill molding that remains the same color as the body of the Durango. Additionally, the upgrade will provide you with a sunroof and Beats Audio system.



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