How Does Mopar Work for Chrysler Drivers?

Tires and wheels can suffer from unexpected damage the second they come in contact with an object on the road. An old nail could pierce right through the tire's rubber, and the driver would have no way to avoid it. Even hitting a pothole could create havoc. Chrysler owners can look into coverage available through Mopar. Eligible applicants might not have to spend anything if damage befalls the tires or wheels.

A Mopar plan provides complete replacement or repair work on all four tires and wheels. Be aware the tires/wheels must be factory or aftermarket items, and the damage must come from a covered road hazard. The coverage does extend to mounting, balancing, stems, and, possibly, the tire gauge sensor. Repair work comes with zero deductible, too.

Ask about the $100 towing and roadside assistance service that is part of the deal. Roadside assistance could save a driver from many headaches.

If you want new tires or wheels, make an appointment at our service department at Juettner Motors Inc. Our technicians can help you out.


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