Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Silently Outperforms

The decision of which minivan hybrid to choose becomes much easier if you know about the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. The features that come with the Pacifica Hybrid are like none other, and once you have one, you likely won't be needing any other transport vehicle any time soon.

With combined electricity and gas, the Pacifica Hybrid has a whopping range of 520 miles, an unheard-of distance to be without a visit to the gas station. If you drive your hybrid for a commuter vehicle or to pick kids up from school, the 32-mile electric range may help you so that you don't even need to use gasoline at all.

When you take the Pacifica Hybrid for a test drive you will discover features like the fully technologic regenerative braking that helps charge the Pacifica Hybrid's battery by using brake power. In only two hours, the Pacifica Hybrid's battery is fully charged and will be ready for the next round.



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