Check Out These Jeep Cherokee Safety Features

One look at the new Jeep Cherokee and the safety features and you'll see why its a popular SUV.

Keeping you safe on the roads, the Blind Spot Information System in your Jeep Cherokee is working by way of radar to monitor traffic coming up from behind. Your side mirror flashes when a vehicle is in the blind spot and will give you time to stay in the lane until that area is once again safe to occupy.

The rear view camera system in the Jeep Cherokee was incorporated into the vehicle so when you shift to reverse, the monitor on the center console turns to a camera screen. Now you are better able to see if a child or pedestrian is behind your vehicle so you can proceed cautiously in reverse.

If you want to see why all this buzz is surrounding the Jeep Cherokee, test drive one today at Juettner Motors and you'll see for yourself.



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